Why PowerWatts?

PowerWatts provides a turn-key, comprehensive training platform covering proprietary hardware, software, coaching and training methodology. Amongst one of the highest yields per square foot in the industry and one of the highest client retention rates, you can count on PowerWatts as both profit center and growth enabler. 


How does the business model work?

Multiple licensing options are available, from stand-alone training centres to mix-model approaches. We adapt to various commercial contexts and our licensing model aims to provide future owners with the flexibility they need to deliver the profitability they want.


Who is a typical owner?

PowerWatts licensees include former athletes, bike shop owners, savvy investors and gym operators. While owners' backgrounds do vary, they all have two things in common:  the passion for precision-training and desire
to succeed in a changing and competitive business environment. 


I'm interested. Where do I start?

Let's talk! First, click on the button below and fill out the contact information form.
We'll then get in touch to start discussing how PowerWatts
can empower you and elevate your business
to unprecedented levels of pride and profit.