PowerWatts Training

PowerWatts Training

The PowerWatts™ training system

Powerwatts training systemThe PowerWatts™ training system was created in 1996 by exercise physiologist, coach and former professional Ironman triathlete Paulo Saldanha. Paulo coupled many years of racing experience with the science behind quality based conditioning to build an innovative and effective training tool.

PowerWatts™ includes very specific power based interval  modules, with completely multi-adjustable bikes on proprietary hardware and software. All training sessions are led by a certified PowerWatts™ coach creating an effective, dynamic and exciting group training environment. Join the growing population of clients who line up for this incredible indoor cycling experience!


Certified and experienced PowerWatts coaches lead all instructional workouts that focus on Technique, Endurance and Power development. The PowerWatts program offers workouts that are 60minutes long, over a 29-week period. These fun, challenging and dynamic workouts are jam packed with specific intervals designed to improve fitness and performance.